Iran Insurance Company

Iran insurance company’s been running since 1935, and is a government-owned corporation that provides a range of insurance products. It is the largest company of its kind in Iran, owning 62% of the market share, and has a worldwide reputation for offering top quality insurance services. With a mission to support their customers and improve their trust in the insurance industry as a whole, it is no surprise Iran Insurance Company is considered a major player worldwide.

Health insurance products

Iran Insurance Company’s health insurance products include:

Medical Surplus Group Insurance – this product protects employees and family members under the guardianship of the employees of organizations, institutes, and industrial units.

Worldwide Travel Insurance & Assistance – benefits include, payment of medical and dental expenses, medical transportation and referral, and repatriation and legal help in cases of death.

Foreign Visitor’s Policy Inside Iran – this policy covers any medical costs including surgical costs and treatment to the closest hospital, as well as repatriation if a lengthy stay in hospital is required or death occurs, as well as legal assistance.

Network areas

Iran Insurance Company works with a wide range of healthcare providers to deliver services to its customers.

Coverage areas

Medical care for Iran Insurance Company’s health-related products is covered worldwide.