What You Need to Know about Maternity Cover in Dubai

If you’re planning a family and live in Dubai you need to make sure you have maternity insurance in
place. If it isn’t in place, the cost of ante-natal visits, not to mention the birth and post-natal visits to
your clinic or hospital of choice could run into hundreds of thousands of Dirham. It is also
mandatory for every resident in Dubai to have medical insurance cover and it is the responsibility of
your employer to make sure it is in place. If it isn’t in place, then your employer is liable to a hefty
fine. Here’s what you really need to know about maternity cover in Dubai:

Maternity Cover Doesn’t Start on Day One
If you’ve just taken out maternity cover you need to check your cooling-off period. Most new health
policies that have maternity cover have a cooling off period that is anything from 6 months to one
year. This is because of the huge costs associated with maternity care. It’s best to have it in place
well before you want to start a family, because if it isn’t part of your cover and you get pregnant
unexpectedly you won’t be covered and while you might be able to get covered; your policy will be
much more expensive to cover the costs. Check before you start a family!

Query if You’re Covered for Alternative Therapies
If you like the holistic approach to maternity you need to ask your provider if you are covered for
treatments such as homeopathy, massage and acupuncture. Some insurers will add these as options
but others won’t cover them at all. Some insurers will cover the cost of certain alternative
medicines such as vitamins to aid pregnancy too.

Do You Want Midwife Care or Gynaecological Care?
You can have either, some women prefer midwifery care and others like to have an obstetrician for
pregnancy and birth. Maternity cover in Dubai usually allows whichever option you prefer. One
benefit to choosing midwifery care is that it is usually cheaper than obstetrician care and therefore
your health provider might offer a discount if this is the route you’d prefer.

Check if You are Covered for Complications
This is very important as no one can foresee complications and they can happen at any point in
pregnancy or during birth. Maternity packages don’t usually cover complications that include time-
off work or extra lab testing. Down Syndrome tests aren’t usually included either. It’s best to speak
to your insurer and find out what you are covered for and check for C-sections as well as assisted
births and complications post-birth too. If you haven’t yet taken out a policy, it’s worth shopping
around to see which insurer does cover for complications and the cost associated with that cover.

Post-Natal Care is Included
Most medical insurers will also cover post-natal care and a quality medical policy will give patients
up to one week of post-natal for routine baby health checks, this time would potentially cover
emergency complications but check your policy for clarity.

Your Baby is Covered for 30 Days
Under the mother’s policy, newborns are covered medically for 30 days but then they need their
own insurance policy put into place. You must make sure your new baby has his or her own policy
after that period.